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  • When is the application deadline?
    Applications must be made by May 31st 2023
  • How much is the course and do I need to attend for all of it?
    The course cost is £595 and students are expected to attend for the entirety of the course. If students wish to leave early or only attend for part of the course, there will be no reduction in the fee or refunds.
  • What ages is the course for?
    The FutureDent course is aimed primarily at A-Level and GCSE students, aged 16-18. However we appreciate that many younger students doing their GCSE’s will also have aspirations to study Dentistry so we do accept students in first year GCSE or earlier.
  • How long does the course last?
    The FutureDent course is a 2 day course, starting promptly each day at 9:00am including appropriate comfort breaks and lunch break, and will be finished by 4:30pm each day.
  • What language is the course run in?
    The course will be run entirely in English and students are expected to be fluent in English if they wish to attend. There will be no provision at all for any non-English speaking students.
  • How much do I need to know about Dentistry before joining the FutureDent course?
    There is no expectation to have any experience or background in Dentistry, only a passion and enthusiasm to learn and engage in the course.
  • Do you provide food and drinks?
    FutureDent will provide basic snacks and drinks during short breaks however due to the close proximity of the course to many restaurants and cafe's and various dietary requirements, students will be expected to buy their own lunch, within just 1 minutes walk from the venue.
  • What type of hands-on activities will we be doing?
    The hands-on exercises will vary giving students an opportunity to experience a variety of dental procedures.
  • Will we get to meet other dental professionals on the course?
    Yes, the FutureDent course is run entirely by Dentists and so students will be constantly interacting and taught by Dentists throughout the course.
  • Can I get in person work experience at a dental practice?
    The FutureDent course is offering in person work experience at a dental experience to the first 5 registrants on the course.
  • Will there be other courses or are they only held in the Summer time?
    The FutureDent course is currently only running during the Summer months but if we open up other courses throughout the rest of the year, we will update the website accordingly.
  • Is the course recognised by any University?
    Whilst the FutureDent course is not officially recognised or endorsed by any University, it will be an invaluable experience for prospective dental students, that they will be able to reference on their personal statements during the University applications.
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